Posted by: Claire Hannington | June 3, 2016

Mixed May

We started May finishing the fence on the Warren and continued with the fencing in the potential hay meadows in the Vile.

I spent a day fencing in Ceredigion whilst Ollie took charge of the volunteers and spent a day pulling out some old fencing at the farm at South Pilton Green and delivering logs to holiday cottages – I wouldn’t believe with the glorious sun we have had this week we are still getting through logs – but then I know when I’m away I like to light the fire just once if not for heat then novelty value.

Whilst in Ceredigion we said goodbye to Rhydian, who has finished his one year meadows trainee post there. We wish him all the best for the future. Last week we interviewed and appointed his replacement – and I’m pleased to tell you that Gordon, who was an FTV at Gower last year got the job – He has worked really hard as a volunteer and deserves it. I hope he enjoys his next year with the team.

Meanwhile back on Gower…….the Saturday group spent the day at Ryers Down clearing rhododendron. It threatened to rain…again…but the sun eventually came out and we had a really good day. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. We had another group out from Virgin Media undertaking the same task and another 2 groups from there are coming out next week.

With the help of the tractor we cleared out half the cattle grid on the Warren – the other half to be done next week.

Warren cattlegridRhossili bench
On the same day we replaced a gate post on the track on Rhossili Cliffs as well as replacing a bench top that Ollie had repaired for me.

We have undertaken some litterpicks along the coast including Lucas Bay, Pwll Du and Hunts Bay. Kathryn has been busy along with the car park staff clearing Rhossili along the cliff top and on the beach. We had a group out from Lloyds Bank who litterpicked Whiteford beach before enjoying a BBQ outside the Lodge.

Lloyds bank litterpick

There is more to be done at Whiteford especially at the far end but we are waiting until the birds have finished nesting – you just never know where those ringed plovers are going to lay their eggs!

ringed plover eggs

We have been tidying up the gateways in the overflow car park at Rhossili with some fencing and rails, and have cleared some more rhododendron, this time at Penmaen. Whilst there they have also done some work on one of the money cairns. Unfortunately the two moneyboxes we have at either end of the loop road at Penmaen have been broken into so we have taken them out of use. The top stones have now been taken off and the slot sealed over and now we are using them purely as Omega Signs for our property.

penmaen cairn

Long may this warm weather continue and hope everyone has a jolly June!



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