Posted by: KimBoland | August 9, 2016

July’s jungle of bracken

Apologies the blog is a little late – we decided to go for it in the hay making department last Friday with a spell of dry weather forecast so its been a few busy days – baling tomorrow – we will let you know how that goes next month.

As for the beginning of July we were going along very nicely when suddenly everything grew! All hands on deck to clear the growing swathes of bracken from some of our sites.

The Saturday group kicked off with clearing bracken and gorse from High Pennard Hillfort. It was the on one of the days of the Swansea Air Show and we did get a little sneak preview of some of the jets having a practice over Gower in the morning. It started a bit misty but turned into a most pleasant day. We have since been back for a day and cleared more. One more day in the winter to clear the rest of the gorse and it will be job done…for another year…

High pennard hillfort

We spent a day at South Pilton Green Farm clearing the car park, track and footpath. It was all looking a bit jungle like but the volunteers did a cracking job making the place look really tidy.

We have spent a couple of days clearing bracken from the Warren, with a lot of the volunteers getting into the old fashioned scything. We are running a course for them later this month so they will all experts soon…move over Poldark…

Whilst on the Warren we also looked for any ragwort that we would want to remove before cutting for hay and it seems the effort over the last few years has really been worthwhile. We struggled to find any so, fingers crossed, we’ve got that sorted.

We also spent a couple of days at Notthill, again clearing bracken. But it is amazing how the site has changed over the last few years. Over ten years ago it was covered in rhododendron, and as part of the Gower Commons Initiative was stripped right back to bare ground. It is now  absolutely beautiful up there with gorgeous shade of purple heather spreading over the site…but shh don’t tell anyone…its a spot for quiet contemplation.


We had a group out litterpicking Pennard Cliffs and down onto Pobbles (not NT) in conjunction with the Gower Landscape Partnership. We only managed to fill 1 bag between us which although made for a quiet day is a really good thing for the cliffs and beach.

We have also spent a couple of days clearing bracken from Cwm Ivy Tor and undertook litterpicks at Mewslade and Rhossili2005_0819Image0030

Next month will be all about the hay plus everything else we are cramming in to what is the summer holidays for some…lots more vegetation clearance but also some fun and games on the beach.

May the sun keep shining!


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