Posted by: KathrynThomas | September 20, 2016

Inspiring Coast

As the days get shorter, and a chill  is felt in the morning, there’s no disputing Autumn is here, and it’s my favourite time of year. But I can’t help but look back and pay homage to the summer we’ve just had.



Now, life as a National Trust ranger is always an enjoyable experience, doing rewarding work in beautiful landscapes, but with a slight change of emphasis on the job front, this year, I found I had to spend a lot of time at Rhossili. I’m still doing work that looks after our wildlife and countryside, but there’s also an element of encouraging everyone to get the most out of their visit. I know, you’re feeling my pain, I’m sure! My life was, literally, a beach.

Rhossili gets about 500,000 visitors every year. Some walk along the cliffs and some walk down to the beach, and most times of the year the pull of the cliffs beats the pull of the sand, but in the summer this trend is reversed. Rhossili becomes the backdrop for those  classic British beach holidays, that we look back on in later life as very happy family memories.

A girl in a blue bathing suit, jumping up and down in the surf, on a Northumbrian beach

In the odd spare moment, I would look around and take it in and I’ve been inspired to get all poetic! So here is my summer on Rhossili beach. Maybe a line or two will strike a chord with you.

Summer of sea and sky


Rolling down the path to meet the distant rumble of waves ,

surf boards, buckets and spades, picnics, carted down from the village above,

hopping over pebbles to land on the soft sand.


Stiff upper lips against flapping windbreaks, and sea mist until the sun breaks through,

dogs yap at the limitless freedom, braving of waves of cold and salt,

surfers dance on sets, kites and paragliders paint colourful skies.


Smells of the sea, ozone, seaweed, sun cream, barbecues,

ship wrecks waving, not drowning, from sandy depths,

Lithic, mythic, dragon snoozes, oblivious .


Crack of bat hitting ball, slap of spade shaping sandcastles.

Mindful moments watching clouds and waves.

How many grains of sand in a fist? Slipping away like the afternoon,



Kids squirm, toes rubbed free of sand at the end of the day,

Sunburnt , wind-burnt, fresh air tied, traipse back to real life,

taking a few unseen grains of sand at the bottom of a pocket.


If you’re inspired to get creative there’s a photography competition  to capture your connection to Swansea Coast – closing date 28th September. Click here for more information. There will also be a  poetry workshop in December.




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