Posted by: Claire Hannington | October 7, 2016

September selection

September started with our annual volunteers BBQ.The showers dispersed and the sun came out and we had a fantastic evening at the Lodge. We were due to have our annual wildlife day the following day but unfortunately we had to cancel due to the strong winds and rain that were forecast. The Saturday group however were not perturbed and they came out in force to litterpick Whiteford Beach. Okay so we may have given up after going back to the Lodge for lunch but it was wild out there.

The following day I joined a local group of volunteers who regular litterpick the area and we carried on from where we had stopped the previous day. Thanks to Chris Dean for organising them.

The following week saw our new Area Ranger, Mark Hipkin start – the volunteers have given him a warm welcome and I’m sure everyone will get to meet him soon enough. Welcome to the team!

We undertook our annual grass clearance at Kittle Green, where we are establishing a lovely area of wild flowers  – we were joined by a robin who took pleasure in the meals we disturbed for it and spent most of the day hopping amongst us.

We went to Grave’s End after emptying the bin at Pwll Du, where we cleared the vegetation from around the stones marking the burial site of the press ganged victims from ‘The Caesar’.


Several of our volunteers undertook a scything course so they are now all up to date with their technique. They have been practising their new found skills using them to clear bracken on Penmaen Burrows.

I also took them up to Penbryn in Ceredigion for the day to assist with some scrub clearance up there – a beautiful change of scenery and some great scything techniques displayed – with shirts on!


We have undertaken a couple of litterpicks on Rhossili Beach and finished a patch of fencing at Cwm Ivy between the woods and the tor. I managed to mow the grass in the orchard at our farm and at Notthill with the tractor. We also finished clearing the gorse at High Pennard Hillfort.

We had a day at the farm taking down the shed in the shed…and clearing the rest of the grass from the orchard that I couldn’t get to with the tractor. Kathryn took the volunteers down to Paviland Cave that day as well. It was a fantastic day and seeing all the volunteers in the yard was a heart warming site.


I’m off to the Lake District tomorrow for a week’s walking but I leave the volunteers in the capable hands of Ollie and Alys – our newest FTV – she’ll introduce herself later this month.



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