Posted by: Claire Hannington | October 17, 2016

Welcome to Alys – our newest FTV ranger


Hi all,

Having just come to the end of my MSc in Environmental Biology at Swansea University, the logical step was to try and stay here as long as possible! I started volunteering a year ago, and thoroughly enjoyed the work from day one; I knew it wasn’t something I was ready to give up quite yet. Luckily for me, Claire was willing to take me on as an FTV alongside Ollie. I grew up in Cardiff, before moving to Swansea four years ago and have always loved the outdoors. I was never afraid to get a bit wet or mucky.

Actively conserving the natural environment is something I became more interested in over the course of my degree. Having started university not quite knowing where I was going to end up, this is a route I am now keen to pursue as a career. Two weeks in, I’m loving it. I still have a long way to go, but I feel it is a privilege to begin to practically apply what I have learnt about ecology and conservation in the wealth of habitats Gower has to offer. No two days are the same, and the staff and volunteers only make the whole experience better.

Hopefully, I’ll see you around and about soon!



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