Posted by: Claire Hannington | December 9, 2016

November Notes

I’m certainly not singing any tuneful notes at the moment as i’m struggling with a cold that just doesn’t want to go, but i can at least write some notes about what we did in November.

We started the month clearing some more gorse above Fall Bay at Rhossili, and have spent a few days there this month. One day we were entertained by the rescue helicopter undertaking some practice at low level hovering and winching. That certainly drowned out the noise of the strimmers.

We finished clearing the hillfort at Penmaen and also cleared a wide area around the burial chamber which the archaeologists from CADW were very pleased about following their site visit a week later.


We have also spent a couple of days at Ryers Down continuing with the rhododendron clearance. A group from Barclays who come out every year joined us in trying to control the spread of this vigorous plant, as one of their community days.


The Saturday group spent the day at Cwm Ivy, clearing scrub from our woodland ride. It is amazing how many hands make light work as they made their way through the vegetation at a rapid rate, resulting in the joining up of the two glades either end of the ride.

Our tractor went in for a service ready for its winter work which has since begun with clearing the gorse alongside the fairway at Rhossili, out towards the Lookout. Having shown Alys how to drive it and use the Ryetec mower she spent the day going round in circles whilst i entertained some apprentices from NRW who in conjunction with Coleg Sir Gar undertook some Dry Stone Walling as part of their course.

At the same time our regular Tuesday volunteers spent the day clearing gorse from Old Castle Camp – the iron age hillfort on the cliffs at Rhossili.

We spent a day litterpicking Ramsgrove and Mewslade and did some more pond clearance work, this time at Welshmoor, clearing Parrots Feather – a very invasive non native species that can choke water bodies. And yes i got stuck in as well with waders on – although no photos were allowed – lets just say they were a little large for me and I could actually disappear inside them!

The month ended with a group of students from Cefn Saeson coming out and helping us litterpick Three Cliffs Bay – this has become an annual occurrence with the school, litterpicking whatever area needs it most at the time.

Looking at my diary it’s only a couple of weeks until i will be writing the blog for December as we finish work on 22nd, so best i get this one published!



  1. Its great to hear of all the great work you are all doing. We came to Cwm Ivy lodge last year and as I have relations on the Gower so visit every so often and like to keep up with what you are doing, however as we live in Bedfordshire it is not as often as we would like, and unfortunately too far to come and assist!

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