Posted by: Claire Hannington | May 5, 2017

Awesome April

And hasn’t it been an awesome April. The weather has been warm and sunny most of the time apart from a stiff breeze coming off the coast.

We kicked off April with the Saturday group litterpicking Rhossili Beach. We managed to cover a good mile and a half of beach and came away with a trailer full of litter. It seemed almost disappointing at first when we got there with over 20 keen volunteers to get stuck in, as there appeared to be little visible litter, but we found more as we made our way up the beach.

Sat group

At Rhossili we have really got cracking on some fencing and dry stone walling in four fields in the Vile, known as Vold. We were finally able to get in there as it had just been too wet over the winter. So the volunteers have been really busy fixing dry stone walls, putting in posts and gates and stock netting.

We’ve still got a lot more to do and the ground conditions have proved challenging. It took us two days working through solid bedrock to put in just one gate post! Once its done it will all look fantastic and have been worth the effort.

Over the Easter weekend we had Jane, Eric and Jacky help out with our Cadbury Egg Hunt. We held one at Rhossili and one at Pennard and they were our best year yet…unfortunately that meant there was no chocolate left for us..

We spent a glorious day on the South Gower Coast between Port Eynon and Oxwich litterpicking the shoreline. People had already been down and bagged up a load of rubbish so we took this away and then carried on to pick up more off the beach. We were joined by our 2 Coastodians for that area too – it was great to be able to work together.

As well as the litter it was a great day for insects as they enjoyed the sun. The bank above the shoreline was literally buzzing.

Leaf cutter bee, nomad bee and red tailed bumblebee were in abundance. But not to bee(!) outdone the beetles gave a good show too…this green tiger beetle stayed still just long enough to get a photo of it.

green tiger beetle

Back at Rhossili we had to undertake some repairs to the cleft oak fence outside the shop as one of the uprights had failed, and the end of the month saw more walls and fencing being undertaken.

Its been a marvellous start to May…..






  1. Thanks for the Awesome April – great reading; so sorry we were not with you yesterday but trying to get back from Guernsey with a delayed flight. Supposed to be a mechanical fault – why don’t they just say they could not find the pilot? Malcolm & Ruth

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