Posted by: Claire Hannington | June 2, 2017

Marvellous May

I’m glad the weather held out for May or I may have had to change the title. We started the month with absolutely beautiful blue skies over Cwm Ivy where we were clearing sycamore saplings from the Tor, and clearing a footpath through the ride in the woodland to enable easier access for our butterfly surveyors. The flowers everywhere are looking stunning this year with the Tor a sea of cowslips. Cwm Ivy TorAlthough we haven’t done any work up there yet, thanks to Dale for this photo of the mass of bluebells at Notthill.

Blubells Notthill

We spent several days in May clearing rhododendron at Ryers Down. A day with each of the weekday groups, a day with a group from Virgin Media and also the Saturday group. The site is really coming on and although it will take a while for flora to come back in the places where the rhododendron was so dense, its really starting to look so much better. Corrinne has undertaken a vegetation survey so we now have a baseline of whats there already.

We spent a day at Rhossili taking down the fence than ran the length of the path to the beach. It was becoming a bit unstable and in a state of disrepair and instead of trying to keep maintaining it we decided to take it out completely as it was no longer required.

0 group 2

@Vyron Evans

We’ve been continuing with the work in the Vile, undertaking more fencing and dry stone walling. It was great to see the vision for the Vile in action as we had the contractors in ploughing and sowing the fields.

We spent another day at Cwm Ivy fixing the fence behind the plantations, strimming the footpaths and topping up the log store. And then it was on to Penmaen Burrows. We put in a new hanging post for the gate between Penmaen and Nicholaston. It took all day to bar through the solid bedrock – we now realise why the previous post had been bolted to the wall! But its in. We came back the following week to put up some rails alongside it and well… admire the view! And we litterpicked Tor Bay and part of Nicholaston beach whilst we were there.

Nicholaston group

@Vyron Evans

I had a small group out from WCADA in Swansea and we spent the morning litterpicking Pwll Du. They are planning on joining us every other Friday morning to undertake some different tasks.  We were joined by a class from Oystermouth Primary School who undertook a litterpick at Whiteford. They have been looking at the journey of plastics and how much ends up on our beaches so it was great for them to be able to come out and help clean the beach.

This week is was back to the Vile to finish off a bit of fencing and then we spent two days at Penmaen Burrows putting up some post and rails fences – more about that next month as we will be there again over the next couple of weeks.

I’m just gonna take myself on a little jaunt now to the workshop to get ready for tomorrows Saturday group…



  1. Thanks for the marvellous May post – good to see so much being completed. Sorry we have not been able to help much lately as had 7 descend for bed and board at last w/e. We shall be away for 1st w/e in July unfortunately. Regards Malcolm & Ruth

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