Posted by: Claire Hannington | July 7, 2017

Jaunty June

So maybe jaunt isn’t the word the volunteers would use about the walk to do the work at Penmaen Burrows – at least we were able to get the quad bike and trailer out there too to help with carrying materials and tools. Although some did need to be brought in by hand.

0 a group

©Vyron Evans

In collaboration with Natural Resources Wales and Pont Cymru we are working together to restore the rare dune heath habitat we have at Penmaen Burrows. To help the habitat to recover, last winter volunteers and contractors cleared scrub on the site. We are now going to graze the site with ponies. In order to keep the ponies there we are putting in electric fencing whilst also maintaining access. So we have been installing gates on the site and also fencing off two yew trees which are poisonous to horses.

Its been quite a job but we have finished it now and are awaiting the electric fencing to go up. We are all looking forward to see the ponies grazing the site.

The Saturday group spent the day at Rhossili unearthing the ditch that runs down the side of the beach path. A task made easier without the fence there the other side that we removed last month. In the afternoon we spent an hour clearing bracken from there as well.

Sat group

We had a lady from Switzerland, Corinne, join us for the month of June and she stayed in the flat at Rhossili and volunteered with the weekday volunteers. It was something she had always wanted to do and we were more than happy to accommodate her. We were also joined by a couple of groups from Lloyds Bank. One group litter picked the beach and whilst this was also planned for the second group, there was little litter so we ended up clearing the bracken on Cwm Ivy Tor instead.

CIT Lloyds bank

Whilst clearing the bracken it was amazing to see the amount of flowers that were there. Corrinne and her surveying volunteers have been undertaking the annual round of surveys and they found over 120 different flower species. That’s one special site!

We also found quite a few other creatures living on the Tor – here’s a little collection of caterpillars we found..


A group from WCADA came out again and along with a group of students from Gowerton School we litter picked Three Cliffs Bay. We spent a day at our offices at South Pilton Green Farm strimming footpaths and tidying up around the yard, along with delivering logs to the holiday cottages – I know its been quite warm at times but when on holiday I know I can’t resist lighting the wood burner just that once….

We spent a morning at the Llangennith end of Rhossili Down clearing Himalayan Balsam. It was a patch we first knew about last year and got to it rather late after it had flowered and was going to seed, so this year we’ve got to it early before it has a chance. We will go back in a couple of weeks to see if we missed any. It was difficult hunting for it amongst the bracken! We then spent the afternoon clearing bracken from Sweynes Howes – the burial chambers on the back of Rhossili Down.

This month we took delivery of a rather special new toy….As part of our restoration work in the Vile, creating new hay meadows and growing crops for bird seed, which are also a haven for wildlife whilst in flower, we need some way to harvest the seed. Hence we have acquired a small (apparently in comparison) combine harvester…..

So if everyone is ready to sing along……..


Here’s to a jovial month ahead!



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