Posted by: Claire Hannington | August 11, 2017

Jovial July

I don’t know where the time is going. Nearly half way through August and i’m only just writing last months blog.

July kicked off with the Saturday group litterpicking at Whiteford. Despite the beach looking quite clean we managed to clear over a trailer load of rubbish. The volunteers (and dogs) were quite determined to get some of the deeply buried stuff out.

Whiteford litter (David Whitehead)

©David Whitehead

We finished off the tree guards at Penmaen Burrows with an extra post and some barbed wire to ensure the ponies wouldn’t be able to get to the yew trees that are growing there.

And with Emma Douglas from PONT putting in the electric fencing the site was good to go. So meet our new conservation grazers – Louise, Hannah, Barbara, Jean, Ceri and Kim the foal – the picture on the right. That’s Dave and Jerry on the left 😉



We had reports of a tree in Bishopston Valley blocking the footpath so we spent a morning clearing that out of the way – it was quite a large one. Then in the afternoon we cleared the path to Foxhole below the car park at Pennard.

The Thursday group tackled the litter at the Llangennith end of Rhossili beach, whilst a couple of weeks later the Tuesday group tackled the Rhossili end with the assistance of 72 pupils from Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr. I’m not quite sure where this little fellow was from though…Dinosaur

WCADA came out again as they are now regularly every fortnight for a couple of hours on a Friday morning. We had a large group clearing the footpath and some rhododendron on Notthill. Unfortunately the planned bracken clearing on the Warren with them had to be postponed as rain stopped play.

Whilst i spent a few days camping in Pembrokeshire I left the volunteers in Mark’s capable hands. They spent the week working on the Vile at Rhossili pulling out old fencing from some of the fields that we have since stripped and will be turning into hay meadows.

Vile fence removal

Once the fields had been stripped some of the volunteers helped out with field walking to look for any flints or articles of interest that had been buried over time. With the help of a metal detector they did find some interesting bits and pieces including a small silver coin that was actually a ‘bender’ love token. Although having just looked this up I have found out that maybe it being found in the field wasn’t such a good sign for the young man involved!

The Warren has been home to us for a few days now as we start the annual bracken clearance. So the scythes have been sharpened and shirts firmly kept on. Actually we had to start off in waterproofs but it did clear as the day went on.


Now I know at the end of last months blog I may have left you singing a certain little ditty about a combine.. well the Tuesday group certainly got to know it quite well as we spent the day cleaning and polishing our combine harvester ready for Alan to take it to the Gower Show before it gets to work later this month harvesting our crops in the Vile.

Don’t panic it didn’t eat Margaret!

We also spent a day on Cwm Ivy Tor clearing some more bracken and a day on the Vile clearing ragwort from the field margins.

So it was a very busy July and as we are half way through it already, August would appear to be just as busy. Not that I’m wishing summer away but it does feel a little autumnal out there….



  1. Can’t wait for Agoraphobic August …

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