Posted by: Claire Hannington | December 1, 2017

Notable November

I can’t believe it’s December already, but before we delve deeper into this month lets see what we got up to in November.

We started some fencing at our farm at South Pilton Green ready for planting up the bank in the New Year, reinstating the hedgerows which provide wildlife corridors between the fields. We also started to do some work on one of the gateways where the hanging post had rotten off at the ground, but with the old post having been concreted in it is proving challenging to get the remains of it out. To be continued next week… in the meantime we temporarily stock proofed the gap for the weekend with an interesting array of posts. And I thought the gate in the Lake District was unique (I have it on good authority that the said gate at the end of last months blog has now been neatly renewed).

SPG gate

The Saturday group took its first trip out to the Worm’s Head to undertake some gorse clearance. It was a beautiful day out there and we also got the opportunity to see some seals and had a view of a Chough at close quarters. I am always a bit on edge when taking groups out to the Worm but we got everyone back safely off before the tide came back in.

On a rather blustery Tuesday morning we had an enthusiastic group of volunteers from Network Rail join us to help clear some more gorse near Fall Bay. We certainly weren’t going to be losing them amongst the gorse.

Network rail

Luckily the weather brightened up as we also had two other groups out that day from Gower College Swansea, with Alys leading one group litterpicking Three Cliffs in the morning, whilst I took out the afternoons group to clear some more willow at Pitton Cross.

The next day saw us at Pwll Du, emptying the litter bin and fixing some fencing going into the valley, whilst in the afternoon we litterpicked at Pennard Car Park and around the Cliffs.

Volunteers from WCADA joined us again this month, firstly litterpicking Tor Bay and also clearing willow at Pitton Cross.

I disappeared back up to the Lake District again for a few days walking whilst Alys supervised the volunteers in my absence. They spent a couple of days fencing at the farm and a day of gorse clearance at Fall Bay.

Corrinne entertained another group from Network Rail who helped litterpick Rhossili Beach.

Network Rail litterpick

We spent a day at Cwm Ivy splitting logs and taking out a tree that was overhanging the track, and yesterday it was all hands on deck putting the decorations up in the Lodge along with some general maintenance. We also had a small group out from Coleg Sir Gar who helped us start to clear a new ride in the plantations after the success of the one we cleared last year.

Some students from Cefn Saeson school braved the rather wet and windy conditions at the Llangennith end of Rhossili Beach to undertake a litterpick, where even our hardiest of volunteers only managed to survive until lunchtime.  We came back to the yard to dry out and warm up with some work in the barn.

This week we’ve had to replace the gate at Rhossili on the cliff track as it would appear someone had driven into it, so whilst there we started the gorse clearance at Old Castle Camp.


In the afternoon we then headed off to Notthill where a group of students from Gower College Swansea joined us in clearing the silver birch that was starting to encroach on the site, and reducing the gorse in front of the bench to open up the magnificent view across the bay below. It was nice to hear even the students were impressed with the view asking if they could take photos of it. And so they downed tools and did!


And as the nights draw in and its getting dark rather early we shall see what December brings. If its anything like today it could be a delightful one…..



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